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I really got bored of STO some time ago and even the addition of the foundry or the rare featured episodes couldn’t really get me back into the game. It’s just too little too late. I still have a lifetime sub, so I’ll check back from time to time. But I won’t dedicate much time to the game in the future. Therefore I’ll stop updating the skill lists.

The broken links have been fixed and I have uploaded the raw file with all skill lists as well. You’ll need Gnumeric to open it, just google for it. It’s free and available for both Linux and Windows. If anyone wants to overtake updating the skill lists, feel free to do so. If you want drop me a message, so I can link to the new lists.

That’s it, fly safe everyone o/


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Update – Space Skill List v3.3

The Space Skill List was updated to v3.3 to reflect small changes made in todays patch:

  • Tactical Team Duration increased from 5 to 10 seconds
  • Beam Target I abilities are now available for Tactical Ensigns

Check the Download page for the new version of the skill list.

There was a lot more changes in the patch aswell, you can find the changelog here:

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Because my old page only had some HTML-pages hacked together (I don’t have PHP/MySQL support there) I decided to move to a nice blog. Here I will inform you about new releases of my skill lists and maybe even write a little about other stuff relating to STO. You can even leave me comments now. So if you found an error, have some ideas how to make the lists better or just want to write some lines, feel free to do so.

That’s it for today, fly safe


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